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James G. Riesenberger
9421 Quail Canyon Road
El Cajon, CA 92021

Executive manager with a proven track record of success in business development, sales, marketing, project development / engineering and operations management.  A proven leader in several fields demonstrating ability to develop and expand markets.  Results type researcher, planner, who is both articulate and analytical; hands on manager able to control details.  Well organized and problem solving abilities, versatile and adaptable; exceptional written and verbal communications skills.  Interacts positively with all levels of management internally and with all levels of customer organizations and cultural settings. 

As a founder of one of the companies that he worked for has demonstrated abilities and skills required to grow a start up company.  Strategic planning was an absolute must in conserving resources essential to the growth of a new company. Also demonstrated his knowledge and the importance of the integration of new system-level technologies into the business as this provided a high level of differentiation over competitors.  This is also true in his current company with the introduction of the new Data Center product line.  Successfully and effectively has dealt with multiple internal departments, outside vendors, contractors, engineering firms and subcontractors at each stage of employment.  

Authored three technical papers for the California Urban Water Conservation Council involving steam sterilizer, commercial laundry and non-chemical water treatment systems for commercial and industrial chilled water systems.

Project experience ranges from small tenant improvement projects (Helm) to some of the largest Mission Critical projects while at TAS.  Examples are as follows:

  • Cubic Corporation  (Helm Corp) – Headquarters air conditioning retrofit - $200,000 – 1993
  • St. Vincent De Paul (Helm Corp) – Residence Tower – HVAC systems installation - $293,000 - 1994
  • Qualcomm (Helm Corp) – Building Q air conditioning and central plant retrofit and system addition - $5,000,000 – 1993-1994
  • New Mexico Highlands University (WMS) – campus-wide water conservation program - $350,000 – 1998
  • Fort McPherson (WMS) – Facility-wide water conservation program - $375,000 - 2000
  • University of Eastern Illinois (WMS) – Campus-wide water conservation program – $1,300,000 - 2001
  • Hutchinson State Prison (WMI) – Water conservation program - $530,000 – 2002
  • Intel JFS 1 Data Center (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant - $5,000,000+ - 2005
  • State of North Carolina (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant -  $3,000,000+ - 2005
  • Seven Feathers Casino (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant - $5,000,000+ - 2006
  • Yahoo Data Center (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant - $6,000,000+ - 2006 – 2007
  • WinStar Casino (TAS) – Packaged central Plant - $2,000,000+ - 2007
  • SAVVIS Data Center (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant - $2,500,000+ 2007
  • e-bay Data Center (TAS) – Packaged Central Plant - $9,000,000+ 2009
  • LA-4 (Confidential) Data Center – Packaged Central Plant - $7,000,000+ - 2009 - 2010
Turbine Air Systems (TAS)
Western Regional & Mission Critical Sales Manager (2009-2010)  March 2004 to 2010

Responsible for all packaged central plant sales in the Western Region of the United States and Canada with emphasis on Mission Critical (data centers) applications.  Provided all of the initial research and in identifying this new vertical market in 2004 and the subsequent development of this market for TAS.  Identified and developed sales and relationships with large enterprise corporations, collocation and managed hosting providers and operators of large mission critical facilities.  Helped identify an entirely new product line serving the Mission Critical market including generator modules, UPS modules, switchgear modules and data center modules with new sales projections between  $100 - $200 MM per annum in the future.  Initially worked with and coordinates sales activities for representatives in eighteen western cities comprised of over 150 sales personnel.  Later identified several new rep organizations in tier 1 and 2 mission critical markets.

  • Developed one of the two most successful sales rep organizations for TAS
  • Identified as a new market Increased sales for the Mission Critical market to approximately $30 MM per year
  • Developed and maintained business relationships with corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, e-bay, Digital Realty Trust, Equinix, and other firms in the mission critical business.

Water Management, Inc. (Acquired Water Management Services (below))
Vice President (West)February 2002 – March 2004
Responsible for and took a leadership roll in sales, engineering analysis, project development, and execution of the projects in the field.  Effectively utilized analysis tools (previously developed by him) to estimate current consumption sources versus projected consumptions.  Estimated project cost and payback.  Effected liaison with the ownership of the company including the President and Vice President.  Took responsibility for the integration of all new technologies introduced to increase order acquisition and then in order fulfillment ensuring the correct operation of these systems and the verification of the savings projected, all very necessary in a technically complex environment of water and energy based performance contracting.

  • Managed the western office
  • Developed approximately $2 MM in annual sales
  • Introduced new technologies into the company

Water Management Services, Inc (later Wellspring Water Management)
Vice President – Operations & Business Development  July 1996 – February 2002
Was the person responsible for the Performance contracting division in the company.  The other division was focused on a small point-of-use sub metering technology used in apartments.  As mentioned above, was primarily focused on and responsible for the development of new business by identifying, developing and selling water-based performance contracts to Energy Services companies such as Siemens, Johnson Controls, Trane, Pepco, Ameresco and Noresco.  Was responsible for the development of a computer based program used in the analysis of internal building water usage from domestic systems, cooling towers, laundries, irrigation systems, and a host of other systems depending upon the building type being analyzed. Projects included industrial, commercial, institutional, health care, education, hospitality, government, public housing and military.  Due to limited internal resources, responsibilities ranged beyond the sales, development and execution of projects.  Other responsibilities included schedule, subcontractor qualification and selection, cost control, equipment acquisition, quality, measurement and verification and job close out.

  • Responsible for ½ the annual sales ($1.5 MM) for the company
  • Responsible for the Performance contracting division of the company
  • Development of computer program used in all analysis of building water usage (program was written in Excel by subordinates)

Helm Corporation of San Diego (now part of Comfort Systems, USA)
Business Development & Service Manager May 1991 – July 1996
Responsible for the development of new business and new clients in a highly competitive mechanical contracting environment during recessionary times.  Identified & qualified prospects, initiated, developed and maintained business relationship with industrial, commercial and general contractor accounts.  Performed minor estimating and project management functions.

As Service Manager administered a small group of nine service technicians with P& L accountability.  Coordinated all construction services.  Estimated, negotiated and sold new maintenance agreements and service repair work.  Recruited, hired, trained and managed all subordinate personnel.

  • Independently accounted for over $1 MM in construction contracts annually
  • Managed the service group improving overall customer perception of the group by upgrading quality timeliness, number of technicians and responsiveness to the customer
  • Increased annual service sales by 200% resulting in a 50% increase in annual profits
Trane Company (San Diego)
Account Executive September 1982 – May 1991
Primarily responsible for the selling of HVAC equipment and systems to mechanical contractors, commercial and industrial accounts.  Generated, secured and maintained ongoing sales with engineers, mechanical contractors, military, commercial and industrial accounts.  Was instrumental in negotiating the incorporation of two Mexican states into the San Diego sales territory with Trane corporate. 
  • Developed a group of  “start up” accounts successfully resulting in a 400% annual increase in domestic sales
  • Achieved $1.7 MM annual sales in an international start up territory
  • Achieved and additional $1.5 MM in domestic sales in the United States
  • Initiated and negotiated local warehousing of products that required “quick ship” which resulted in a $1.5 MM increase in office sales.

Trane Company  (La Crosse, WI)
Sales Engineer January 1980 – September 1982
Responsible for the marketing of domestic industrial/commercial products.  Instrumental in the coordinating, negotiating and launching of brand name agreement with two major manufacturing entities.  Authored sales, technical and service product literature.  Performed as sales support to over 600 domestic field sales engineers.  Completed extensive six-month graduate engineer training course.

  • Participated in national trade show events
  • Took brand name product sales to over $3 MM over a two year period

B.E. Naval Architectural Engineering 1973
State University of New York, Bronx, NY
Emphasis on Marine engineering

Third Assistant Engineer License (USCG) (Inactive)
Steam & Diesel Propulsion Systems (unlimited horse power)

California B1 General Contractor’s License (Inactive)

Lieutenant USNR (Retired)