Upcoming Members Meeting





hosted by:
Broadcom Corporation
Zanker Data Center
3151 Zanker Road San Jose, CA

 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 10am - 2:30pm
"No Vendor Sponsors or Presentations – Simply Peer Review"

 "Learn about Data Center Management Tools Developed by Your Peers"

 "Offer your Opinions and Discuus your Experiences with Management Methods and Tools" 

Dear Members and Guests of the Critical Facilities Round Table,
Please accept this invitation to attend this Peer Review Meeting at Broadcom in San Jose to learn about and assess Broadcom’s internally developed Data Center management tools.  The Broadcom tools were created to track various computing facility resources, daily IT equipment commissioning and decommissioning processes, capacity planning and potential system deployment forecasts.  There is absolutely no cost for participation. 

CFRT and SVLG owner/operator members and guests are invited to participate.  Broadcom is interested in collaborating with professionals that manage large enterprise data center environments.  So, we encourage the attendance of both facilities and IT staff from the same company that work together with data center management issues in scale.  

We want to have Broadcom's peers take a look at this unique methodology and provide feedback for Broadcom's final development process. Our desire is to encourage an interactive discussion whereby we stimulate dialog between IT and facilities operators, by sharing what Broadcom has learned and by hearing about how others approach their daily challenges.

In support of its expanding global engineering efforts Broadcom operates 27 heterogeneous Data Centers around the world ranging from a few racks in communication rooms, to a few dozen racks in collocation sites, to large scale facilities consisting of 400 or more racks.  Having searched the market for appropriate management tools and not finding a satisfactory solution Broadcom has invested over a year to develop an internal application that, amongst others, answers the following questions for us: 

“On a daily basis how do we manage the installation and removal of IT equipment and (at the same time) maintain accurate adjusted metrics on its impact to our infrastructure (i.e. power, cooling, switch and cable plant)?”

"What devices are plugged into what circuits and what is the “actual” power draw and redundancy profile of each circuit and device?"

“How can we get facilities and IT staff looking at the same parameters, speaking a common language and agreeing on sane deployment and growth process?”

“What will be the impact on existing power distribution kit (branch circuit, PDU phases, total; PDU, UPS and Generator loading), cooling, cabling and switch port resources if we execute various IT equipment addition and subtraction scenarios?”

“What are the limiting factors, branch circuits, phase, PDU, UPS, Generator, cooling loads, cabling and switch port, in various server deployment scenarios? How might we meet new expanded requirements and mitigate the costs?”

“How can we optimize our capital and operational investments, (i.e. in the facility, compute resources or both) leveraging our existing infrastructure by investing in computer refresh, and/or expanding the Data Center?”

“What IT equipment deployment options exist under various redundancy scenarios?”

“How might we prioritize systems and tune risk around potential redundancy scenarios?”

“How can we accurately forecast when new Data Center resources need to be available in order to meet the requirements of our various and changing business units?”

Space is limited to about 50 seats, so RSVP soon in reply to this email to reserve your space.

Date: Thursday, November 20th 2008
Time: 10:00am to 2:30pm
Location: Broadcom Corp. Data Center
3151 Zanker Road San Jose, CA

Directions: 101 to Montague Expressway Exit, east on Montegue to Zanker Road, left and first left into Broadcom parking, or

880 to Montague Expressway Exit, west on Montegue to Zanker Road, right and first left into Broadcom parking

Hosts and Speakers

Dave Dalesandro
  Director, IT X-Functional Architecture, Broadcom
  Architect of Broadcom Data Centers, including all infrastructure elements for the past 10 years

Dave Holub
  Project Manager, Principal - IT
  Data Center infrastructure design architect, consultant and project manager for the past 15 years

Dave Eastman
  Project Manager, Sr Principal - IT
  Data Center infrastructure design engineer, project manager and developer of the eDCM tool in use at Broadcom to manage its data centers

  Dalesandro (IT)
  Holub (IT)
  Eastman (IT)
  Al Sorena (Facilities Management)


9:30am to 10:00am Registration and CFRT Networking
10:00am to 10:30am CFRT Membership Business - Membership Status and Planning
10:30am to 11:00am

 Broadcom’s Data Center Management Journey – (speaker: Dave Dalesandro)

11:05am to 11:30am  The State of Data Center Management Software
(speaker: Dave Holub)
11:35am to 12:15pm Interactive Demo - Braodcom’s Data Center Management Toolkit 
(speaker: Dave Eastman)
12:15pm to 1:30pm Lunch and Facilitated Round Table Interaction
Working Lunch (served in meeting room)
1:35pm to 2:10pm Panel Q&A (Sorena, Holub, Eastman, Dalesandro)
2:15pm to 2:45pm CFRT Wrap-up Networking and Informal Q&A
2:50 pm to 3:15pm Broadcom Data Center tour (for those interested)