Upcoming Meeting


High Performance Data Center Committee

Colocation at it's Best

hosted by:
Advanced Data Centers & Wright Line
McClellan Air force Base Business Park
Sacramento, CA

 THURSDAY, May 28th, 10am - 2pm
When anything is possible- progress can be made!

 Average PUE of 1.12

Pre-Certified LEED Platinum

Reliability of 99.9999%

Come see how it was done!

Dear Members and Guests of the Critical Facilities Round Table,

Please accept this invitation to attend the next meeting of the Critical Facilities Round Table.  Our High Performance Data Center Committee will meet at Advanced Data Centers (ADC) in Sacramento, CA to look at plans and to tour site facilities of one of the most aggressive colocation programs in the country.

 According to their management team ... "ADC data centers have set a new standard for next-generation facilities.  Each site is painstakingly selected, designed and operated to ensure that it is robust, reliable, secure, energy efficient, and capable of supporting technological advances for years to come." 

 Their facility at the old McClellan Air Force Base (converted to a Business Park) is pre-certified LEED Platinum, designed to achieve a PUE of 1.12, a data center reliability of 99.9999%, a seismic structural factor of 1.5 , and offers tax credits, too!  

 Many thanks to Bob Seese for coordinating our activities, and to Advanced Data Centers and Wright Line for providing the facilities, equipment, refreshment and foods that will make this a successful event.  The event will be held at the Lions Gate Hotel at McClellan Business Park in Sacramento. 

 Please RSVP asap in reply to this email (or at 415-748-0515) to reserve your seat. 

 Anyone involved with the critical facilities community with an interest in this subject matter is invited to participate.  And, there is absolutely no cost for attendance.  So, if you can't make it ... send someone in your place.

 Conference center address:   3410 Westover Street, McClellan, CA - 866-866-7100 - info@lionsgatehotel.com

Driving Directions to the Lions Gate Hotel from:

San Francisco - 80 East for 86 miles to Watt Ave Exit north for 1 1/2 miles to left on Palm Street to 1st left on Arnold and follow signs to Lions Gate 

 Silicon Valley - 680 North to 580 East to 5 North to 80 East for 7 miles to Watt Ave Exit north for 1 1/2 miles to left on Palm Street to 1st left on Arnold and follow signs to Lions Gate  

 Sacramento Airport - 5 South to 80 East for 7 miles to Watt Ave Exit north for 1 1/2 miles to left on Palm Street to 1st left on Arnold and follow signs to Lions Gate  



9:30  – 10:00   Registration, CFRT networking, Continental Breakfast
10:00  - 10:15 CFRT Membership Business and Announcements – Bruce Myatt, PE, Charles Krieger, PE and Magnus Herrlin, PhD
10:15  - 10:30 ASHRAE Guidelines Update - A Dramatic Change in our Data Center Space, Magnus Herrlin, PhD, Ancis Ltd, San Francisco,CA 

New data center design standards from the HVAC industry have opened the door for engineers anddesigners to maximize energy effciecny in our cooling systems.  Thermal, humidity and particulate limitations have all been pushed to way beyon what was accepted just two years ago.  Someone is listening...     

10:30  - 11:15 Economizers – The Cornerstone of ADCs Energy Savings, Peter Rumsey, President, Rumsey Engineers, Oakland, CA

One of the lowest cost options for significantly cutting the cooling bill for your data center is through the use of airside and/or waterside economizers. This presentation will review the advantages of using these long recognized solutions and their recent recognition and adoption by data center providers. The integration of both airside and waterside solutions in the ADC McClellan data center will provide a backdrop for this discussion.
11:15  – 12:00  Collaborative Design – Case Study of ADCs Hot Aisle Enclosure, Carl Cattuli, V.P. Product Development, Wright Line, Worcester, MA

Discussion of the Wright Line Collaboration Process; A lean process that is designed to manage workflow between Product Development teams and Data Center managers that have unique problems and need unique solutions. This Case Study presentation will discuss the ADC process experience and the solution that is a key feature for this event. The presentation will detail the main steps including Problem Discovery, Concept Creation, Engineering Design considerations, Prototyping and Engineering Iteration thru Manufacturing. The end result is to produce a finished product, focused on solving the core problems presented by ADC.
12:00  – 12:45    Roadmap to LEED Platinum Pre-Certification, Bob Seese, Chief Data

Center Architect, Advanced Data Centers, San Francisco, CA
Long thought to be impossible, USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is rapidly becoming commonplace in data center design specifications. Until recently only relatively small data center spaces within larger office complexes have received any certification and until ADCs announcement in Fall of 2008 no one had even considered “Platinum” as possible. This presentation will review the design process and the scorecard used to develop the world’s first LEED Platinum Pre-certified data center.
12:45   - 1:30 Lunch and networking opportunity
1:30  – 2:00  Tour of ADC McClellan Data Center

Hosts and Speakers

Peter Rumsey
Peter Rumsey is founder and president of Rumsey Engineers, Inc. As a global player in energy efficiency, Peter has over 20 years of experience in a broad range of government, scientific, and private sector projects. His expertise includes design of efficient HVAC systems and energy monitoring systems in commercial buildings and critical environments, management of project teams, and analysis of design options using computer simulation tools.

Carl Cattuli

Carl Cattuli is Vice President of Wright Line's Product Development and Service teams, with over 20 years of experience providing innovative solutions that solve real customer problems, Mr. Cottuli has published several articles in the technology marketplace and has been an invited speaker and panelist to industry conferences worldwide including AFCOM, 7 x 24 Exchange and Interop.


Bob Seese
Bob Seese has worked extensively in the mission-critical facility, facility management, and construction industries and has more than 20 years of global data center design, project engineering, and project management experience.   Formerly Chief Data Center Architect with EDS and Director of Data Center Development with Equinix, he has managed many data center projects and has helped manage some of the world's most cutting edge faciities.  While with Netscape and AOL, Bob helped design and build over 300,000 sf of data center space across the US.