Past Events


8th Quarterly Meeting and Two Year Anniversary

hosted by

SUN MICROSYSTEMS and Cushman & Wakefield

Sun's Santa Clara & Sunnyvale Campuses

Friday 3/25 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

"Cutting Edge Data Center Cooling Solutions"

Members and Friends of the Critical Facilities Round Table,

Please accept this invitation to join us for our next quarterly meeting on Friday, March 25th at 8:00 AM at SUN MICROSYSTEMS in Silicon Valley.  This event is made available to all critical facilities owners and operators at no cost for membership or attendance.  Many thanks to Sun and to Cushman & Wakefield's Roger Gonzalez and Dirk van Ulden for providing the foods and refreshments, the planning, and the facilities that have made this event possible. 

In the morning we will focus on "Cutting Edge Data Center Cooling Solutions".  We will hear from four different technology vendors, consultants and R&D program managers about brand new and currently available cooling technologies for high density blade server environments.  They will provide us with detailed technical descriptions, case studies and economic analyses of realistic cooling solutions in the most challenging of environments.   

Location for presentations:  Sun Microsystems Santa Clara Campus
                                        4030 George Sellon Circle
                                        Santa Clara, CA 95054
                                        Building: SCA03/ Conference Room: The Auditorium
                                        Parking:  Bldg 22 Parking Lot and along Palm Drive
                                        Directions:  101 to Montague Expressway North to Lafayette Street North (off ramp and right) to right on Palm Drive to George Sellon Circle on right (late arrival is OK)       

After lunch, in the afternoon, we will Tour two of Sun Microsystems' high tech facilities.  First we will view their Server Ranch which operates at well over 100 watts per sq ft and houses Sun's enterprise data center and customer collocation spaces.  Second, we will see their microelectronics materials test laboratory where Sun's Sparc Microprocessor is inspected and readied for service in high-end server applications.

Location for tours:             Sun Microsystems Sunnyvale Campus
324 North Mary Avenue
                                        Sunnyvale, CA 94085
                                        Building: SUN07

                                        Parking:  Bldg 7 Parking Lot
                                        Security: Photo ID required/ RSVP 3 days in advance    
                                        Directions:  101 to 237 South to Central Expressway East to Chula Vista/ N Mary off ramp and left on North Mary Avenue to 324 on right        

Please RSVP as soon as possible to or  Please specify that you will attend both or either one of the Morning Presentations and the Afternoon Tours.  Call us at 415-748-0515 with any questions.


08:00-08:30 am  Registration and Continental Breakfast
                        (Santa Clara Campus)

08:30-08:35 am  Welcome to Sun Microsystems                                                  Roger Gonzalez and Dirk van Ulden      

08:35-09:00 am  CFRT Status Report and Announcements                                  Charles Krieger, PE and Bruce Myatt, PE
                Charter, Purpose & Membership
                Web Site Update (Bob Seese)
                Committee Activities (Ellis Milano & Magnus Herrlin)
                Operations & Management
09:00-09:30 am  Introduction to "Cutting Edge Data Center Cooling Solutions"    Bruce Myatt, PE and Magnus Herrlin, PhD

                Magnus K. Herrlin, PhD is President of San Francisco based consultancy ANCIS Inc.  He is an officer of the the ASHRAE TC 9.9 for Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, and Electronic Equipment.  He also serves as Chair of the Critical Facilities Round Table's High Density Data Center Committee.  Magnus will discuss where we are headed as an industry to manage the environments in which we house our most critical information and communications technologies. 

09:30-09:45 am  Emerging Technologies Demonstration Update from PG&E        Steve Fok, Jon Livingston and Michael Tatoyan, PE

                The PG&E Technology Demonstration Team (Pacific Gas & Electric and EYP Mission Critical Facilities) will share their plans and progress with data center air flow tests now in progress at Sun Microsystems' Menlo Park data center.  The demonstrations will be used to develop monetary incentive programs aimed at helping data center operators improve their cooling and energy efficiencies. 

09:45-10:00 am  Break and CFRT Networking

10:00-10:25 am  APC Infrastruxure Power and Cooling for Ultra-High Density      John Menoche, PE and Kevin Dunlap 
                         Racks and Blade Servers
                John and Kevin are part of APC's dedicated Infrastruxure Data Center Applications Engineering team.  They will present the very latest of APC's critical power and cooling systems, designed and tested to provide practical solutions for both new and existing high density installations.   

10:25-10:50 am  Knurr Integrated Heat Exchanger Rack Systems                         Kris Holla
                Kris is Knurr's EVP for Global Sales & Marketing.  He will present Knurr's breakthrough server cabinet design and present a case study where a conventional installation of 250 cabinets has been reduced to 50, along with impressive reductions in floor space and cooling costs.

10:50-11:15 am  WrightLine Cool, Power, Manage, & Secure your Data Center   Martin Olsen
             Martin is Wright Line's Director of Product Marketing for their "Tower of Cool" Technologies.  He will discuss his experiences with Fortune 500 company solutions for high density cooling, focusing on each critical component (down to the rack level) when designing, deploying and operating a data center.

11:15-11:40 am SprayCool Evaporative Cooling  Applications for Data Centers    David Tilton
                David is Director of Computer Systems Development at Isothermal Systems Research.  He will discuss current applications of SprayCool Solutions in High Performance Computing and Data Center Environments and SprayModule kits now available for major microprocessors.  He will also explore power and facilities cost savings in the process.

11:40-12:00 am LBNL Technology Demonstration Programs                                  Bill Tschudi 
                        Rack Conductive Heat Removal & DC Powered Servers              
                Bill is Manager of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Technology Demonstration Programs.  He will describe "next generation" cooling technologies soon to be validated with California Energy Commission funds.  Can your data center host one of his tests?

12:00-12:15 pm  CFRT "Next Steps" and Close                                                      Charles Krieger, PE and Bruce Myatt, PE

12:15-01:00 pm  Sun Hosted Lunch and CFRT Networking                                    Anna Martinez

01:00-01:30 pm  Travel from Santa Clara Campus to Sunnyvale Campus     
                        (Self Provided Transportation or Car Pool)

01:30-02:15 pm  Tour of Sun Microsystems 100 watt/ sqft Server Ranch                 Dirk van Ulden
                        (Sunnyvale Campus)

02:15-03:00 pm  Tour of Sun Microsystems Sparc Microprocessor Test Labs         Dirk van Ulden
                        (Sunnyvale Campus)      

We expect this to be an outstanding event of great interest to virtually all of our membership.  We very much hope to see you and your IT counterparts at this event. 

Thank you again for your support of the CFRT, and best regards from the Founders,

______  Charles Krieger, PE             Bruce Myatt, PE         Horst Pfendt            Steve Johnson _____________________      

Bruce C. Myatt, PE
49 Stevenson Street                 11845 W. Olympic Blvd.
Suite 200                                 Suite 850w
San Francisco, CA  94105         Los Angeles, CA  90064
415-748-0515 (cell)