Legacy Data Center Committee Meeting

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 1240 Crossman Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

Friday 8/10/07 from 8:30 AM to Noon

"Best Practices in Data Center Cooling Retrofits and Controls Retro-Commissioning"  


Dear Members and Guests of the Critical Facilities Roundtable,

Please accept our invitation to this meeting of the Critical Facilities Roundtable’s Legacy Data Center Committee.  This committee meeting event is open to all parties interested in Legacy Data Center improvements at no cost.  

Many thanks to Dan Hoffman and Dave Shroyer and to Network Appliance for providing the facilities, communications, and refreshments that will make this event a successful one.

Our speakers from the Uptime Institute and EYP Mission Critical Facilities will discuss "Best Practices" for the improvement of energy efficient cooling retrofits and controls retro-commissioning.  They will share several proven methods of dramatically improving data center energy and operations efficiencies, with excellent Returns on Investment.  

Then Network Appliance will share the results of a California Energy Commission financed project to maximize their HVAC energy efficiency.  They are using a of combination of air flow control concepts that allow them to turn their mechanical plant way, way down.  Concepts that CFRT has helped develop over the last 3 years with PG&E and LBNL.  

And, they will provide us with a tour of their very energy efficient data center … with fully segregated supply and return air flows (without any fire sprinkler modifications), elevated supply air temperatures, and an incredible increase in free cooling opportunities.  Come and see how to do this right, and economically to boot!!!!

DATE & TIME:    Friday, August 10, 2007 from 8:30 AM to Noon 

LOCATION:        NETWORK APPLIANCE Building 11, 1240 Crossman Ave, Stanford 2 Conference Room, Sunnyvale, CA

DIRECTIONS:     Freeway 101 to Sunnyvale, Fair Oaks North exit under 237 onto East Java to the first intersection and turn right  onto Crossman Avenue and to 1240 Crossman (Bldg 11) parking on the right, enter and go to Stanford 2 Conference Room, or Freeway 880 to Hiway 237 to Sunnyvale and exit at North Lawrence/ East Carribean, take East Carribean two blocks and turn left on Crossman to 1240 Crossman parking on the left, enter and go to Stanford 2 Conference Room.


8:30     Coffee, Juice, Breakfast Snacks, and CFRT Networking                                     Thanks to Dan & Dave & NetApp for today’s facilities & refreshments 

9:00     Welcome to Network Appliance                                                                        Dave Shroyer & Dan Hoffman         

9:10    CFRT Business and News                                                                                 Horst Pfendt & Bruce Myatt, PE
               Summary of recent and future CFRT activities
               Announcements and upcoming events of interest to the group

9:30    "HVAC Problems in Legacy Data Centers and How to Correct Them”            Dr. Bob Sullivan, Sr. Consultant, Uptime Institute

Dr. Sullivan, commonly known as "Dr Bob" in the industry, joined CSE/TUI in 2000 after a 32 year career with IBM's Storage Systems Division in San Jose, CA

While at IBM he visited as many as 50 computer rooms a year to assess hardware and infrastructure problems and work out solutions.  He created the Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle equipment layout plan when drawer type products were first introduced in the early 1990’s, and he identified the need to have all air flowing in one direction in the computer room … two critical concepts that are now generally accepted in computer rooms.  Bob is a recognized expert in the areas of computer room environments, hardware installation, computer room layout, power and power distribution, grounding, cooling and air flow plus contamination identification and remediation.

10:30    Break and CFRT Networking  
10:45    "Retro-Commission your Data Center & Take Control of your Efficiencies”   Bob Atkins, PE, LEED, Principal, EYP Mission Critical Facilities

Bob Atkins, PE, LEED is a recognized leader in the world of data center operations consulting.  During his 30 year career, Bob has led the commissioning, start up and operations of many millions of square feet of critical data center space.  Bob is a charter member of the Green Building Council and provides operations consulting to data center operators for LEED certification and sustainable design.  Bob is currently working with Bay Area data center owners to retro commission and integrate their controls systems, and to recommend and commission retrofit improvements that will improve their operating performance and energy efficiency.  He is pre-qualified to provide retro commissioning consulting for customers of all three major California utilities … PG&E, SCE and SDG&E.

11:45    "CEC Air Flow Controls Technology Retrofit at NetApp’s Data Center”          Dave Shroyer, Controls Engineer, Network Appliance
12:10     DATA CENTER TOUR – Network Appliance Air Flow Controls Project

12:30-1:00 PM    Adjournment/ Join your friends & colleagues for lunch at one of many neighboring restaurants in the heart of Silicon Valley!    

Please RSVP by email to bmyatt@

We look forward to seeing you at this event.  Thank you again for your support of the CFRT, and best regards from the Founders