Energy Committee Meeting

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 One AMD Place, Sunnyvale, CA

Friday 6/15/07 from 8:30 AM to  Noon

"IT Facilities Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design"  



Dear Members and Guests of the Critical Facilities Round Table,

Please accept this invitation to this meeting of the Critical Facilities Round Table Energy Committee.   Our speakers will discuss "Best Practices" for the improvement of energy efficient design changes in your data centers.  They will bring us up to date on the newest direction of the US EPA and our local utilities to better regulate electrical power consumption in our data centers.  You will want to be in the know about this.

This Energy Committee meeting and event is open to all parties interested in the subject of Critical Facilities Energy Conservation at no cost to participants.  Many thanks go to John Martin and Advanced Micro Devices for providing the facilities, communications, and refreshments that will make this event a success.  

DATE & TIME:    Friday, June 15, 2007 from 8:30 AM to Noon 

LOCATION:        Advanced Micro Devices, One AMD Place, Sunnyvale, CA

DIRECTIONS:     Freeway 101 to Sunnyvale, Lawrence Expressway exit South, to first traffic light at Duane Avenue, turn right to end straight ahead to One AMD Place, then left or right to Parking Entrance and behind main building to AMD Commons Conference Center Reception.


8:30     Coffee, Juice and Breakfast Snacks                                                  Many thanks to John Martin & AMD for providing today’s facilities and refreshments 

9:00     Welcome to Advanced Micro Devices                                                John Martin              

9:10    CFRT Business and News ,                                                               Bill Dunckel, PE & Bruce Myatt, PE
               Summary of recent CFRT activities
               Summary of recent PG&E Energy Incentive Program Changes   
               “Will your local utility help pay for you to virtualize your data center? and to remove old servers?  and to add new power reduction technologies?”
               What other utilities are collaborating with PG&E to offer data center energy efficiency incentives and what that means to you?

9:30    "Medium Pressure Overhead Ducting – Engineered Solutions”     Peter Klock, PE, President ESC Engineering & Bill Henry, PE

Peter and Bill will present the case for medium pressure overhead duct designs for electronic labs and data centers with heat rejection loads of six KW per rack, and maybe more.  They will present the results of feasibility studies performed for Sun Microsystems where heat rejection loads were high and a slab floor was required considering house air and/or independent fans instead of more expensive CRAC’s or CRAY’s.  The benefits of this design provide energy efficiency and operations efficiencies are a “must look at” for your high energy consuming facilities.

10:30    Break and CFRT Networking  
10:45    "EPA Data Center Energy Efficiency Update & Future Plans”        Bill Tschudi, PE, Sr Program Manager, LBNL Data Center Energy

EPA has recently made recommendation to congress about data center energy efficiency regulation that you will want to know about.  Bill will present a high level summary of these recommendations, and discuss what they mean to your critical IT facilities.  He will also help us understand exactly where EPA is headed crucial programs like Energy Star ratings for servers and IT equipment, Energy Star Building ratings for our labs and data centers, and other regulations that will effect your critical environments.  You should know about these issues as early as possible.

11:45    Announcements, Upcoming Events and Close
12:00    Adjournment/ Join your friends & colleagues for lunch at one of many neighboring restaurants in the heart of Silicon Valley!    

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