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User Focused Innovation for Today's Data Center

Tuesday, October 15, 2013 (9am to 4pm)

Marine's Memorial Club & Hotel
609 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Please accept this invitation to the 2nd annual Mission Critical Leadership Forum being held in San Francisco, CA on October 15, 2013. Hosted by KlingStubbins and Jacobs Engineering, this one day, user-only conference brings the leaders of the industry together for a user-focused discussion on the most pressing topics of today's critical facilities.

There is no cost for your attendance if you are an end-user data center owner or operator.  Complimentary breakfast and lunch and reduced rates at the Marines’ Hotel will be available, all compliments of our hosts.  Many thanks to Tom Reed and Scott Jones and to KlingStubbins Architects and Engineers for providing the space, provisions and content for this up and coming event.  

The agenda will include:

  • Financial Industry Disaster Resilience Case Study: Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters by Nicole Boothman-Shepard, Disaster Recovery Subject Matter Expert, and a Financial Industry Executive
  • Distributed Power Generation and New Data Center Alternatives by Peter Gross, VP Mission Critical, Bloom Energy
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Implementation, by a Regional Power Transmission Organization Representative
  • Compatibility, Sizing and Design Considerations for Generators and UPSs in Tiers I, II, III & IV Topologies by Sonny Siu, Electrical Subject Matter Expert
  • Low Cost, No Cost Efficiency Gains and the ASHRAE X-Factor by Kevin Dickens, Mechanical Subject Matter Expert
  • An open forum for user questions and discussion including your topics, led by Bruce Myatt, PE, Chief Technology Officer, The Data Center LLC, and Founder, Critical Facilities RoundTable.

It is our intention to foster a collaborative environment to discuss the challenges facing today's data center owners and operators.