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How to Become a Member

Dear Data Center Professional and IT Facilities Executive,
Please accept this invitation to join our Critical Facilities Round Table.  CFRT is dedicated to the discussion and resolution of industry issues regarding mission-critical facilities, their engineering and design, and their maintenance. We are a non-profit organization that requires no fee or payment for membership or participation in our activities. We have been in existence since March of 2003, and we have a membership list of 1,000.

Charter Statement
CFRT provides an open forum for our members and their guests to share information and to learn about new mission-critical technologies, with the intention of helping members improve in technical expertise and develop solutions for the challenges of their day-to-day critical facilities operations.

To proactively influence the critical facilities industry, its management, its institutions, and its regulators as a fundamental objective of the group’s activities.

CFRT has organized about 50 meetings and conferences with professional presentations and dynamic discussions about solutions for our own data center spaces.  Our member’s organizations usually host our meetings by providing the facilities, refreshments and communications necessary to carry out a successful engagement.

We conduct our activities in a manner that encourages networking and sharing of information amongst our members, and discourages aggressive sales or marketing activities.

Provide us with the information below and you will be added to our Membership list.  Then you will receive invitations to upcoming events.

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