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Activities and Operations

  • Purpose: To proactively influence the critical facilities industry, it's management, it's institutions, and it's regulators as a fundamental objective of the group's activities.

  • Membership: Limited to Critical Facilities Operators with no cost for membership.

  • Guests: From members' corporate real estate, facilities, and IT groups.

  • Vendor Participation: Vendors granted committee membership, leadership and participation, but no roundtable membership or quarterly meeting participation.

  • Meetings: Quarterly frequency (Hosted by members & volunteers).

  • Communications: eMail distribution of all information and website posting which should be regularly be checked by members and interested parties.

  • Presentations: Variety of topics by operators, consultants, and vendors.

  • Committee Formation: Attendees were invited to indicate a preference for topics of interest. Preferences can be changed, and members can participate in more than one committee.